hii web traveler and welcome to my cyber blog yayyy!! thank u for being here! I am the webmaster Ryuu and you have stempled upon my safe haven far far away from TTT

I am a highschool boy(finally doing online school!!) whos dream is to become a stable freelance artist while being a clothing designer

That's all for introductions! I hope u can enjoy my site as much as I enjoy it myself! Navigation is to your left! Happy exploring ^_^ 楽しむ!


aromatic // vanilla orchid


2023年12月31日 (日)

wellllllll new layout on the last day of the year? crazy! i was bored as hell so why not! its not the best but,,, i kinda like it its simple and clean

2023年11月10日 (金)

diary directory done and updated the links for this page!

2023年10月15日 (日)

oops new layout again! final line of code for this placed 12:24AM 10月16日 ヽ(´ω`)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

2023年9月5日 (火)

0.2 hypercomplex (formally known as refrigerator) is now open! nothing on other pages though, I will work on it later. in other words: I can finally breathe